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Angeliux, former Wtools32, is multipurpose system utility. It concentrates numerous utilities to one small "Stay-on-top" window.  Comandiux is command line utility with many functions.

This picture shows Angeliux main window. It contains three buttons, they are clickable with left or right mouse button to perform various actions.
Angeliux shows:

Angeliux features:

and many more...

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Warning! Some features are different, depends of platform or development status!


Latest .exe only for Windows 7 and up: 25.06.2016
Latest .exe only for Windows until XP, about 2 MB : 09.01.2012


Angeliux is written by Marián Hubinský in Borland Delphi 6 and assembler.

English help corrections by Ladislav Bodnar. Beta tests and idea help by Drobiq. Holidays and name edit by Mertvola.   
Special thanx to Borland for their development tools.
System requirements:    MS Windows 32/64, 12MB free space, little bit of RAM.

Main Window

Contains list of running applications
Here is posibile adjust application priority and transparency of window

Tape and programmers calculator with base conversion

Close, reboot local and remote machine and Close Angeliux.

Character map
Lict of ASCII characters, key press information

Color and window spy window
Spy window under cursor, shows color of pixel under cursor

File finder window
Enables powerfull file finding, you can search for substring in file or directory name

Powerfull, easy to access notepad alow store more notes, organized in files, with encryption support

Run Command
Simply type command and execute it, type text and start internet search or search for file.

Contains list of all running windows, provides powerfull tool to manage these windows.

Angeliux command line parameters

execute agx.exe with one or more parameters bellow:
 /U	- Unload Angeliux from Memory
/RLD - Reload Angeliux
/WBS - Show Blank Screen
/WTS - Show Task Window
/WAS - Show Applications Window
/IR - Set Angeliux to Load on MS Windows start
/-IR - Disable Angeliux Load on MS Windows start
/WSH - Angeliux starts hidden
/REG - Show Angeliux about screen
/IN - Show Configuration and Create Shortcuts
/IS - Make Shortcuts in Start Menu
/REGISTEREXE - register Comandiux program in registry path
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Agx.exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Agx.exe
/-IS - Remove Shortcuts from Start Menu
/-UI - Uninstall

/SFL - Log Off
/SFD - Shut Down
/SFR - Shut Down and Reboot
/SPL - Suspend Computer
/FSL - Force Load
/FSR - Force Reboot
/SHD - Hide Desktop
/SHS - Hide Start Menu
/SHB - Hide Start Button
/SSD - Show Desktop
/SSS - Show Start Menu
/SSB - Show Start Button
/SKD - Disable System Keys
/SKE - Enable System Keys
/MP - Play CD
/MS - Stop CD
/ME - Eject CD

file.mem - open file in Memobox



 Version  Change  Description
13. october 2007
New function:

memobox new search, tcp client past clipboard,
encode a decode url

  Improvement: replace in editor enhanced, some UI modifications
28. may 2007
New function:

new encryption in memobox
html cleanup

  Improvement: calc interface
05. november 2006
New function:

new replace functions in editor
lock/unlock disk, hotplug in menu

  Improvement: tcp client interface
28. may 2006
New function:

Calculator shows and uses scientific format, shows SI prefix;
NT System shutdown;
Shows process command line;
Movie mode;

  Improvement: on Blank window shows keyboard character set and password dialog is moveable;
File search shows error in results;
Memory size also in GB;
Shares dialog
22. march 2006
New function: in calculator numbers are shown also with SI and binary suffixes (kilo, mega)
calculates SHA1
icons for menu are cached
shows message on any device change
  Improvement:  search enhanced, "nosearch" and "nodeep" files added
new implementation of keybpard layout indication
shows color also in CMYK
19. june 2005
New function: in TaskWindow, new tab Window Flags, allow change window style and ex_style
  Improvement: in mail account name is [Tab] allowed
Hibernate / Suspend banner on blank screen
shows speed of MD5 calculation
17. apr 2005

show selected window position
enable/disable window in Applications Window
bug fix
23. mar 2005

MD5 calculation, Windows digital product ID show
bug fix
27. feb 2005

show window text on BlankScreen
show network utilization
find file by attributes
drives show more
show shared resorce icon
3. dec 2004

application window shows process executable name
22. nov 2004

name filters in Window list (Tasks window [Ctrl+T])
email check terminate
24. oct 2004

Windows XP MMC, bug fix
13. oct 2004

Applications - show process exe name, direct kill
Window-spy shows window style
automatic check if is computer online
IMAP checker
choose midi instrument
Microsoft TweakUI exe/cpl support
17. sept 2004

show moon phase, enhanced search, beep if mail sound arrives, now you can choose different instrument if MIDI is used as hourtick
30. july 2004

able to kill SERVICE, shows process owner, editor remmembers search string and font,bug fix.
28. june 2004

New release, many small fixes and improvements.
07. june 2004

Enhanced Windows Hack
Enhanced configuration
File manager show truename on network path
Color added to calculator
bugs fixed ....
autocomplete for all files edit,
multi LANG files for holidays,
Desktop INI customization,
BlankScreen Jpg support,
bugs fixed ....
Wtools32 renamed to Angeliux